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Customer Comments

"I saw your BABY TOOTH BANK at a baby shower. Everyone at the party thought it was just adorable!" - V.G., Syosset, N.Y.

"I started buying your TOOTH BANKS for my grandchildren as they lost a tooth. They just love 'em." - E.R., New Palestine, IN.

"Que mono y especial!" - N.M., San Juan, PR

"My dentist gave me THE TOOTHFAIRY*S BABY TOOTH BANK when my son's baby tooth was removed. It's so apropos and thoughtful!" - D.McG., Houston, TX

"I received your TOOTHFAIRY BABY TOOTH BANK as a gift and I love it. I would like to purchase more for my other children and as gifts." - R.K.H., Rock Island, IL.

"My mother got THE TOOTHFAIRY*S BABY TOOTH BANK for my son and now everyone who sees it would like one." - A.L., San Francisco, CA.

"My daughter received a Tooth Bank when her first tooth fell out. She keeps her bank by her night table and is so excited and happy to show everyone her bank and baby teeth." - S.R., New York, NY

"Thanks to your Tooth Bank my son brushes longer so he'll get more tooth fairy money. Thank you." - A.H., Tucson, AZ

"Your Tooth Fairy bank is so different & cute. I give it whenever I need a special gift for a new baby, that I knew they already don't have." - Mrs. F., Montgomery, AL

"Sometimes I don't know what size clothing to buy when gift-giving, so your tooth fairy keepsake bank is just perfect! It's quality made, too." - T.F., Alpharetta, GA

" Dear Tooth Fairy, I am very excited to loose a tooth. It is my first time. Please don't take my tooth. Love, Emily."

CRA Test Findings
Press Release

CRA (Clinical Research Associates), an independent, non-profit testing organization like Consumer Reports, selects THE TOOTHFAIRY*S BABY TOOTH BANK™ as one of the top products tested in 1997.

GLADWYNE, Pa., January 13, 1998 - The Perfect Present Co., manufacturer and marketer of THE TOOTHFAIRY*S BABY TOOTH BANK™ & matching "MY TOOTHFAIRY LOVES ME"™ photo frame, today announced that THE TOOTHFAIRY*S BABY TOOTH BANK™ was rated as one of "the top best" products clinically evaluated by CRA in 1997.

Appearing in CRA's 1998 RECOMMENDED PRODUCT BUYING GUIDE, THE TOOTHFAIRY*S BABY TOOTH BANK™ achieved an outstanding satisfaction rating.

The most common characteristics noted by CRA clinicians were as follows:

-- Unique, Innovative, Cute --
Wonderful gift idea for promoting goodwill
"Kids just love it!"

CRA is an independent research institute. This organization provides independent,  objective evaluations, free from outside financial influences. The CRA Newsletter has a readership exceeding 100,000.

The Perfect Present Company was founded in 1990 and has sold tens of thousands of THE TOOTHFAIRY*S BABY TOOTH BANK™. "We are proud to have received this recognition from a highly respected, independent research organization, such as CRA. It confirms the feedback we consistently receive from members of the dental community, parents & grandparents."

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