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A unique and fabulously sentimental keepsake

Today's "toothless moments" can be tomorrow's treasured memories!

(Optional-Banks can be personalized with 1 name only - $5.00 additional - Click here to see a sample)

Kindly note - Until further notice our PINK TRIM TOOTHFAIRY BANKS (& soon to include BLUE TRIM TOOTHFAIRY BANKS) will not be available due to continuing pandemic issues impacting our manufacturing and logistics.
PLEASE consider substituting our three other Trim colors (MINT, YELLOW & PRIMARY SHOWN BELOW). Everyone ordering these TOOTHFAIRY BANKS find that they are equally as lovely and more flexible since they can be given to any gender.

The "very first" Tooth Fairy Product to save all of the baby teeth, Tooth Fairy money and dated memories.

The TOOTHFAIRY*S BABY TOOTH BANK™ is quite substantial and, like porcelain, has a quality look, feel and touch. It is made of unbreakable resin materials.

The TOOTHFAIRY*S BABY TOOTH BANK™ measures 6" x 6" x 4" (tall) and weighs over 1 lb.


Selected by CRA (Clinical Research Associates) as one of "the best" products evaluated in 1997.

It's a magical night when The Tooth Fairy redeems a "fallen" baby tooth. Now, and forever after, you and your child can enjoy the tender memories of losing a baby tooth with this one-of-a-kind keepsake.

A sentimental Tooth Fairy created THE TOOTHFAIRY*S BABY TOOTH BANK so a child's baby teeth will not get lost or misplaced in Tooth Fairyland. The Tooth Fairy placed a star from her magic wand on the bank's circular dial. Moving the dial helps guide each tiny baby tooth into its very own numbered cubby. Riches left by The Tooth Fairy can also be saved - inside the hollow tooth centerpiece for a rainy day. There's another surprise! When the bank is turned over, a chart provides a diary for recording the memorable dates each tiny tooth fell out and a place to personalize the bank with that special "little someone's" name. Click on Features & Benefits for other qualities.

By entrusting this bank to parent and child, The Tooth Fairy assures that a child's baby teeth will not get lost or misplaced in Tooth Fairyland. A Tooth Fairy Bank can also help The Tooth Fairy determine how much money to give for a fallen baby tooth. A cleaner & whiter tooth will probably get more money.

Tooth Bank is available in a variety of colors:

Tooth Banks Are Shipped in a Beautiful Silver Gift-Box:

Makes a Unique & Thoughtful Baby Shower, New Baby, Birthday, or Holiday Gift Idea

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