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with "Glow Star" & fairy dust

BABY TOOTH FINDER™ package measures 7 1/4" x 5 3/4"
$11.95 +Ship'g (To order call 610-642-7634)

To help a Tooth Fairy quickly locate and easily find a baby tooth that is, under a child's pillow, the BABY TOOTH FINDER™ is perfect.

Exchanging Tooth Fairy money for a baby tooth is simple and easy because the yellow star makes finding a baby tooth a snap without awakening a child.

A small pocket located in the silky tooth-shaped pouch (pillow) readies the baby tooth for The Tooth Fairy's visit. Attached to the pouch (pillow) by a silver cord is the "Glow Star." Hanging off the side of the bed, the "Glow Star" glows in the dark and acts as a beacon for The Tooth Fairy. This assures a quick exchange (please see picture above). Fairy dust (contained in the small vial) marks the magic trail of The Tooth Fairy.

The next morning the baby tooth can be placed in THE TOOTHFAIRY*S BABY TOOTH BANK™ and your child can enjoy his or her "trophy" plus save the riches left by The Tooth Fairy, in the bank.


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