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THE PERFECT PRESENT COMPANY is a Gladwyne, Pa. based company, formed in 1990. The company's mission is to create products that encourage and stimulate parenting, family fun and memories. Its founders, Steven & Gail, wanted to share a "tried and true" parenting idea that brought their own family much fun, joy and lasting memories. "Instead of saving baby teeth in plastic bags, boxes or bottles we use an all-in-one approach which organized and assured our child's precious toothless memories would not get lost. It also made recall & conversation fun".This led to the creation and development of their flagship product THE TOOTHFAIRY*S BABY TOOTH BANK™.

THE TOOTHFAIRY*S BABY TOOTH BANK™ represents a unique & fabulously sentimental keepsake for creating "toothless moment" fun and memories. Kids just love to save and show-off their fallen baby teeth showcased in this bank, and parents do even more!

DISNEY was their first customer, who purchased THE TOOTHFAIRY*S BABY TOOTH BANK™ in 1990. When the Director of Merchandising at DISNEY saw a sample prototype of the bank, he commented that this was "the cutest and most creative product he had seen." Parents and grandparents alike, just love the traditional parenting values the bank encourages, as well as, its ability to organize the saving of fallen teeth and stimulate parent-child communications and fun.

One of the true pleasures of being a parent (or grandparent) is seeing excitement on a child's face when they lose a baby tooth. Sharing unique family experiences is what bonds children to parents. For this reason, parents like to remember the milestones in their child's growth by saving heirlooms; like their children's baby shoes, the first cut lock of hair and fallen baby teeth. These are parenting traditions that have continued from generation to generation because they symbolize a parent's love and become a lasting reminder of how their child was in early childhood.

All of us remember special tastes, smells and holiday occasions during our formative years. The way parents create magic during Christmas, Chanukah and with The Tooth Fairy, becomes a part of us for the rest of our lives. It also provides a real life learning example and a point of reference for a child on how to conduct themselves with their children when they become parents.

Do you remember what happened to your baby teeth and what The Tooth Fairy did with them? Chances are, if your Tooth Fairy made you feel special when you lost a baby tooth and saved your baby teeth, you will too. Children learn by example. THE TOOTHFAIRY*S BABY TOOTH BANK™ assures that a child's baby teeth won't get lost or misplaced in Tooth Fairyland and will get the special attention it rightfully deserves.

The Perfect Present Company also manufactures a matching "MY TOOTHFAIRY LOVES ME"™ photo frame and BABY TOOTH FINDER™. The frame forms a perfect set with THE TOOTHFAIRY*S BABY TOOTH BANK™ for remembering a child's toothless smiles forever. Several other parenting oriented products are in various stages of development, as well. Watch for them!

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