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Features & Benefits

Motivating Teeth Brushing:-
By carefully examining the cleanliness of the newly fallen baby tooth versus that of previous fallen baby teeth (showcased in
THE TOOTHFAIRY*S BABY TOOTH BANK™), parent and child can try to predict how much money the Tooth Fairy will leave. Generally, a Tooth Fairy will leave a little more money in exchange for a cleaner, better cared for baby tooth. A child will quickly realize the implication and will be encouraged to brush more frequently and longer.

Minimizes a Child's apprehension:-
Many children actually prefer the idea of the bank, instead of having an unknown Tooth Fairy come into their room at night. The idea of a stranger entering their room can be very scary for a child.

Builds Self Esteem:-
Children just love to show-off and talk about their lost baby teeth showcased in the bank, to friends and family. This makes a child the center of attention, spurs fun conversation and builds self-esteem.

Simple observances as the legend of The Tooth Fairy, may not seem terribly important to grown-ups but can be very meaningful to a child and shape their approach to life. Do you remember what happened to your baby teeth and what The Tooth Fairy did with them? Chances are, if your Tooth Fairy saved them, you will too.

Teaches the meaning of SAVINGS:-
, parents can teach the concept and benefits of saving, organizing, and keeping a diary. Since Tooth Fairy money is saved in the hollow tooth center a child begins to learn the value of "Saving for a rainy-day".

Creates Family Fun & Tradition:-
This bank acts as a catalyst to encourage parents to evoke the traditional parenting practice of The Tooth Fairy.The Bank & The Tooth Fairy can turn a child's apprehension of losing a tooth into a fun, family bonding experience.

Santa Claus & the Easter Bunny appear only once a year for some children and are tied to religious beliefs. The Tooth Fairy can appear many times throughout the year for all children and is only tied to family tradition.

Teaches the value of Organizing:-
This bank provides an easy all in one place to organize a special milestone. Twenty uniquely numbered cubbies save each fallen baby tooth; a corresponding chart keeps record of the memorable dates each baby tooth fell out; a place to personalize the bank with that "special little someone's" name, and a place to save Tooth Fairy money for a "rainy day."

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